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Great to get to know you!

AdvGo42 is a team that specializes in marketing for mobile games and apps.

What we can do:

— Attract users from all traffic sources: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Apple Search Ads, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Unity and many other channels.

— Optimize app pages in the stores: ASO, A/B testing, screenshot selection and video production.

— Set up analytics for mobile apps and games.

— Take care of creatives production: photo and video creatives, landing pages and blogger integrations.

We understand how difficult it is for a startup or small company to entrust its project to an advertising agency. Agencies promise a lot, take the money and the results are often underwhelming.

We specialize in working with start-ups and development teams, we immerse ourselves in their projects, we know all their pains and gains. That’s why we’ve prepared a special offer for mobile apps and games developers.

Here is our offer. Let us dive deep into your project and demonstrate our skills. Here is your chance to get to know us and  test our skills.

Analyze your business, competitors’ ads and your current marketing activity for FREE. This includes advertising campaigns, ASOs and in-game processes. We will find mistakes and growth opportunities, so we can provide you with concrete, detailed recommendations.

Set up and run test campaigns through two different traffic channels for FREE.  We will even put together a pack of advertising creatives as a gift! You only pay for adspend. The cost of our services is zero.

Based on the gathered data, we will prepare an advertising strategy for you for FREE. We will calculate the advertising payback model and unit economics.

And only after that, we will ask you to make a decision about our future cooperation.

Are you up for it? 

Let’s get in touch, send us the form and we will contact you.

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