Gaming Apps

Hardcore RPG game

Android & iOS, Tier-1 countries

We made a marketing strategy for all stages (including tech launch, soft launch, and global launch) & methods to predict paying users to optimize campaigns

Installs on Google Play 3 times cheaper than target values ($0.9 instead of $2.6)
Scaling to more than $450k per month with ROAS 120% on the 180th day in Tier-1 countries

Arcade game

Android & iOS, Tier-1 countries

Segmented the audience based on needs

Developed several creative approaches

CPI decreased by 5%
conversion to FTD increased by 43%
cost per FTD decreased by 30%

Survival game

Android & iOS, Tier-1 countries

Soft launch

During the release, we set up all the campaigns from scratch in the primary traffic sources

We accelerated monthly purchases from 0 to 300+k USD with ROAS >100% on day 180

Mobile shooter

Android & iOS, Tier-1 countries

Launched worldwide user acquisition through Google Ads from scratch

In four months, the budget grew from 0 to $400+k per month while hitting the KPI ROAS >100% on day 90.
Profit on the 360th day was 20%, and profit on the 720th day amounted to 20%.

Casual strategic game

Android & iOS, Tier-1 countries + Asia

Launched campaigns in primary traffic sources from scratch

Conducted hypothesis tests and found well-performing campaigns and assets

ROAS 52% on day 7 (fully met KPI)
Effective weekly budget scaling (x8 in one month)

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